Coronation Solutions | About the Company
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About the Company

All you need to know about Coronation Solutions PVT LTD


To be a valued business partner, delivering a broad range of solutions to the markets we serve.


Our mission is to provide extraordinary value to our clients by offering innovative, cost effective, optimal and unique solutions to complex challenges they face while providing a positive and stimulating work environment for our employees that respects diversity and recognizes our different talents.



Our Team

  • Our team comprises highly experienced experts as well as seasoned business  advisors, who understand your needs, and who will be proactive and thorough in providing business solutions.
  • The professionals we have represent a diverse blend of technical and industry experience.
  • We have Actuaries, Risk Managers, Accountants, Employee Benefits Advisors and Analysts.
  • We take a holistic view to developing client solutions.
  • Problems are analysed and assessed logically, taking into account the local commercial environment.
  • Solutions are synthesised using professional guidelines and the results are tested for reasonableness.
  • We do not just throw reports at clients, but we are partners in the entire financial planning process.


Actuaries & Consultants
A syndicate of actuaries and consultants of various specialisation; who act thoroughly and professionally. We work to protect the public interest: balancing the interests of clients, their customers, competitors, shareholders and regulators.

Financial Advisors
Coronation Financial Advisors (Private) Limited is a financial and investment firm providing standard financial consulting services to Private Client, Corporate Clients and Institutional Investors.

Risk Advisors
Coronation Risk Advisors  (Private) Limited is a leading enterprise wide risk management advisory firm providing tailor made risk management solutions to the non governemental, private and public sector entities.

Why Coronation? 

  • We are independent – your business will get objective advice that will bring operational efficiency.
  •  Diversified Team – Our team is diversified and this gives us an urge to provide tried and tested solutions as well as emerging issues.
  •  Access to Actuarial modelling techniques  – Our solutions give robust quantitative risk assessments that are needed by your business in addition to qualitative solutions.
  •  Partnership – we seek healthy partnerships with all clients, and want to be with our clients for the longest time possible.
  •  Holistic Approach – we look at our clients businesses holistically so that their data and experiences yield true value for all stakeholders.