Coronation Solutions | Actuaries & Consultants
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Actuaries & Consultants

Professional Firm of Actuaries & Consultants

A syndicate of actuaries and consultants of various specialisation; who act thoroughly and professionally. We work to protect the public interest: balancing the interests of clients, their customers, competitors, shareholders and regulators.

Our approach to work

We take a holistic view to developing client solutions. Problems are analysed and assessed logically, taking into account the local commercial environment. Solutions are synthesised using professional guidelines and the results are tested for reasonableness. We do not just throw reports at clients, but we are partners in the entire financial planning process.

Specialist Knowledge

Insurance is unique and may be unusual to the laymen. We are in an unrivalled position to work with Emeritus to unpack the issues that need to be addressed using our access to a variety of data and our wide network of professionals as well as the support of professional bodies.

Statistical techniques

We are trained in advanced statistical techniques which allow us to undertake detailed analysis of multiple risks and to price these risks accurately. Each year, we spend significant amounts of time undergoing training in this area and acquiring the right information technology platforms in order to discharge our duties.


We try to understand future experience using sophisticated modelling using appropriate assumptions. Our understanding of trends coupled with evolving experienced is the bedrock of our ability to provide an unbiased assessment of risk. We provide a range of possibilities that equip top management to make informed decisions around risk management.

Data and Research

On some occasions, we provide complementary commentary on key market events and analyse potential outcomes from policy announcements. Our team of experts have deep knowledge of industry and we are ideally placed to assimilate the effects of key market trends to the exposure of our clients.

Our services


Analyse past experience in order to estimate future experience on an insurance contract. This requires a high awareness of local and regional market knowledge, local legislation and understanding practical constraints.


Review the technical provisions required to ensure that a company can continue to meet claims. We check the accuracy of record keeping, to ensure proper provision for liabilities and that premiums charged are appropriate for the business.

Financial Reporting

We assist in preparation of different types of accounts on various bases: management, IFRS, Statutory. We will liaise with your auditors and accountants to ensure that accounts represent the best interests of directors, shareholders, customers and regulators.

Capital Management

The financial security is paramount to an insurer’s continued survival. We will continuously review the amount of capital required to support the level of riskiness in the business.


Putting together a reinsurance program is a non-trivial matter. We provide opinions on the appropriate reinsurance program that helps an insurance company to spread its risks around the market and protect it from large fluctuations in its reported financial position. With the complexity of reinsurance, our experts have a good understanding of how reinsurance operates and will assist in optimising a reinsurance program for an insurer.


We provide assistance to tax consultants on designing tax efficient products for customers and for the company, whilst ensuring compliance with ZIMRA. Our tax advice is predicated from the reserving and investment strategy employed.


We assess the volatility of each product’s risks and tie that back to impact on ongoing solvency. We use risk-based-capital and asset/liability modelling approaches to estimate future solvency of a company. Our team of experts assist in helping companies infuse a culture of risk management by implementing Own Risk and Solvency Assessment programs within risk departments.


Insurance companies typically insure unusual or large risks. The special considerations when designing, pricing and reserving for such products is an area where our team of specialists will provide comfort to the directors that all the necessary works have been correctly done.


We spend several hours each year undertaking research on legislative developments locally and internationally, and our team speak regularly on seminars where they provide support to industry players on how to prepare for regulatory changes. We have a culture of working closely with legislators and related bodies to ensure that our client receive the best advice on compliance.